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Those who have known me for awhile know I blog. Those who know I blog know my dilemma: I cannot decide which domain name to use. Should I use agarcia.tv or aarongarcia.net? For a short time, I used aaronjosephgarcia.com and agarciatv.com. Now I recognize that no matter which domain I choose, I’m not exactly famous. […]

Hangout with me long enough and I’ll help you launch your own WordPress blog or website. I’ll talk you into it somehow! I live and breathe this stuff. This morning I helped my girlfriend Kara launch her blog at karajade2020.wordpress.com. Earlier this year I launched a co-authored blog with my good friend Charles at alwaysdeep.wordpress.com. […]

The main reason I maintain this blog is — it’s how I learn! I perfect my writing skills, showcase my videos and photography, I learn how to improve the SEO of my website, I tinker with DNS records, SSL certificates, web hosting, Google Gsuite, and more. After testing my SEO on smallseotools.com they gave me […]

I have a new post set for every weekday during the whole month of January 2018. I have just a few weekends to go and I can fill those up too! For me, having a new post scheduled every day is a major accomplishment! I used to blog once or twice a year. Now I’m […]

Some of us are introverts. I’m an introvert. I can spend a whole weekend inside working away on my computer and be surprisingly content. Even though I’m alone at a desk, I still have the potential to make friends all around the world. I’ll never forget the time a girl from China messaged me on […]

Now I don’t have to go upload my own or download from pixabay.com, though I highly recommend them.  This new feature drops another exclamation point behind Why WordPress.com is Better, a post I published recently. How to Add Free Stock Photos to WordPress.com Adding a free stock photo to your post or feature image is […]

In the summer of 2011, I discovered WordPress. Ever since I have been hooked. I guess you could say I got the WordPress bug. Everyone has different hobbies, mine are on the computer. I spent so much time on the computer, editing videos, touching up photos and launching websites that I decided to make it […]