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Your website is an important component of your lead generation strategy. It will be the metaphorical flagship of your online fleet. All of your social media profiles and newsletters will link to your website which should be the centerpiece of your online presence. Building a website is a lot easier than it was at the […]

On the morning of March 29, 2008, I purchased paleolithicfilms.com and launched my first website with Apple’s iWeb. I followed the instructions to connect my MobileMe hosted website, with Yahoo, my registrar; entering the appropriate information into the A Record field. With no guidance, at age 16, I had a website. I remember frantically pacing […]

I never thought I would say this, but I just made the switch from a self-hosted WordPress to Blogger. Why? Because it’s free. I am very satisfied with WordPress, I have nothing against it – I just want to break free from paying hosting providers, such as iPage, for spotty service. Last month, iPage really […]

We are now living in an age, where you can find just about anything in a Google Search bar. Now, more than ever, it’s important to stake out a place on the web where you or your business can be found. Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for a job, a church congregation […]

Disclosure: I am compensated for my reviews. Click here for details. If you are looking for a web host, iPage is an excellent choice. I have been a loyal iPage customer since April 2011 and now use their services to host five of six domains I own, including this one. Pros Unlimited domains allowed Unlimited disk space and bandwidth […]