Reducing Costs in the Right Places

Recently, I tallied my annual creative expenditures; from web-hosting to cloud, stock and software subscriptions. I was appalled when I realized my spending would reach $1,100/yearly, unless I curtailed subscriptions. These subscriptions did not include luxuries like XBOX Live or Amazon Prime, but instead creative/computer-related necessities like Adobe Creative Cloud, VideoBlocks, AudioBlocks, Pogoplug, Office 365, iPage Web-Hosting, […]

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Where to Get Free Stock Music

If you’re taking a video production course you may find yourself in need of a soundtrack. As you’ll soon learn, using copyrighted music from your iTunes library isn’t legal, unless you are willing to pay hundreds to obtain permission from the artist. That’s where stock music comes in. Stock music is royalty-free, so that means you won’t […]

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