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You brave soul. If you are the open-minded type, what you are about to read will forever alter your perception of the Battle of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution. History is written by winners. When Winston Churchill was asked how he thought history would see him, he responded, “History will be kind to me, […]

Ray’s Drive Inn is the Home of the Original Puffy Taco and has been serving San Antonio residents delicious food since 1956. Those who live nearby love Ray’s. But for those who have never been, you’re missing out! View this post on Instagram It’s the puff dreams are made of: San Antonio’s famous puffy tacos […]

When it comes to food, I’m not the adventurous one — my girlfriend is. Kara pushes me to have new experiences, visit new places, and try new foods. Which I end up loving, but I’m initially reluctant to go. Thank God for adventurous girlfriends! On this particular adventure, we ate at a local eatery called […]