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How Your Mind Has Been Exploited

Sometimes the greatest threats come from a world we cannot see. Viruses are silent killers. You cannot punch a virus. They get inside you and destroy you from within. There are biological viruses, computer viruses, and psychological viruses. The first two are easier to understand than the last one. By now we understand that we

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No, You Can’t Just Use Photos from Google

Not all of us know this, but you can’t just take photos from Google and use them in a website or marketing campaign โ€“ it’s illegal. For those who already knew that you’d be surprised by how many don’t. Photos, like other creative works, are copyrighted by their creator the moment they are created. The

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Pioneering Video Newsletter

This is the first video newsletter that I developed for the Alamo City Golf Trail. I called it news video because it’s no longer a letter โ€“ it’s a video! Video has proven to be a more engaging medium than written or even visual content as it requires little effort from the subscriber. The video

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