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Your website is an important component of your lead generation strategy. It will be the metaphorical flagship of your online fleet. All of your social media profiles and newsletters will link to your website which should be the centerpiece of your online presence. Building a website is a lot easier than it was at the […]

Recently, I tried to switch my primary browser from Chrome to Firefox. I noticed that Chrome was slowing down and thought now was the perfect time to switch. Several years ago, I switched from Safari to Chrome for the same reason. I was a loyal Safari user, but when Safari slowed to a crawl—I knew […]

Should the government control the internet? This is a question asked by many concerned about the growing evils taking root on the internet. From computer viruses to Islamic radicals plotting their next evil attack, the internet has proved a powerful platform for evil to spread quickly and effortlessly —even inexpensively. The internet is both the […]