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While I primarily use Instagram to share moments in my life, like that burger I’m about to eat or that firework that blew up prematurely, there are some expert photographers who take their grams to the next level. In 2013, Johnny Guajardo, Joel Peña, Charles Duncan, and I started Deserted Texas. We created a website, […]

I see a lot of great photos on my Instagram feed. I decided to shout out a few of them. The first two are from Toby Gelston, I discovered him while looking up photography tutorials on YouTube. The last three are from fellow UIW alumni: Yesenia Caloca, Charlie Young, and William Timmerman. Got to represent […]

When asked if I’m a photographer I typically respond, “Well I have 100,000 photos on my camera roll.” You see, I recognize that there are better photographers out there. They’ve mastered the art of manual settings. They know how to compose an image, not just capture what they see. My style is point and shoot. […]