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I made the mistake of not buying aarongarcia.com when I had the chance. I did not even search for my name because I assumed it was taken. I purchased my first domain paleolithicfilms.com in 2008. Had I thought to search for it I could have claimed aarongarcia.com 2 years before someone else. Today, I own […]

Those who have known me for awhile know I blog. Those who know I blog know my dilemma: I cannot decide which domain name to use. Should I use agarcia.tv or aarongarcia.net? For a short time, I used aaronjosephgarcia.com and agarciatv.com. Now I recognize that no matter which domain I choose, I’m not exactly famous. […]

Your website is an important component of your lead generation strategy. It will be the metaphorical flagship of your online fleet. All of your social media profiles and newsletters will link to your website which should be the centerpiece of your online presence. Building a website is a lot easier than it was at the […]

There’s no dispute .com is king. For many people .com is the internet. But tech savvy people know that there’s a lot more Top-Level Domains (TLDs) out there. Besides .com there’s .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz, .us and so on. There are even country TLDs like .ru for Russia and .it for Italy. There are […]

Today, I enabled Secure Socket Layer (SSL, also known as, HTTPS) and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) on this website; my first time working with these technologies. This is a major milestone for me. Self-taught since 2008, my journey has led me to this day. For those who know what these technologies are and already […]