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The main reason I maintain this blog is — it’s how I learn! I perfect my writing skills, showcase my videos and photography, I learn how to improve the SEO of my website, I tinker with DNS records, SSL certificates, web hosting, Google Gsuite, and more. After testing my SEO on they gave me […]

Samsung still makes flip phones — flip phones that run Android. Whoa, that’s different! Sometimes, I miss my old flip phone. You know the phones that didn’t require a case and you could throw up against the wall and they somehow still worked just fine. The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is certainly an interesting phone. […]

Sometimes the greatest threats come from a world we cannot see. Viruses are silent killers. You cannot punch a virus. They get inside you and destroy you from within. There are biological viruses, computer viruses, and psychological viruses. The first two are easier to understand than the last one. By now we understand that we […]

Originally posted on Always Deep:
Political debates are a contest of pride by close-minded and ignorant people. It took a long time for me to arrive at that conclusion. I did not want to admit that I too could harbor bias. I have engaged in many political debates on Facebook. I have read many as…

Kara and I just took some new profile photos at Castroville Regional Park. I have the same profile photo on my social media accounts since 2015; Kara thinks it is time for me to update. I agree with her. I must stay current. Though I do not choose my profile photo lightly since I will […]

While I primarily use Instagram to share moments in my life, like that burger I’m about to eat or that firework that blew up prematurely, there are some expert photographers who take their grams to the next level. In 2013, Johnny Guajardo, Joel Peña, Charles Duncan, and I started Deserted Texas. We created a website, […]