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Political biases prevent two sides from working together to solve this bigger than us problem. If everyone would just entertain for a moment that they might be wrong about 90% of everything they believe, then maybe then we would have a shot at solving the challenges we face. How many…

I made the mistake of not buying when I had the chance. I did not even search for my name because I assumed it was taken. I purchased my first domain in 2008. Had I thought to search for it I could have claimed 2 years before someone else. Today, I own […]

Those who have known me for awhile know I blog. Those who know I blog know my dilemma: I cannot decide which domain name to use. Should I use or For a short time, I used and Now I recognize that no matter which domain I choose, I’m not exactly famous. […]

Aburey de Grey (2005) Aubrey de Grey (2014) Aubrey de Grey (2017) I work on Aging and I’m not in favor of it I’m trying to fix this and I thing to be doing okay so um I’ve got a question for you here’s the first question in fact I’ve got a few questions over […]

I was inspired to get into blogging after watching Julie & Julia in 2009. I was fascinated by the concept of writing simple posts that attained a large number of anonymous readers. Maybe I could write something that would get me that kind of a following? At the time writing was hard for me. I […]

Hangout with me long enough and I’ll help you launch your own WordPress blog or website. I’ll talk you into it somehow! I live and breathe this stuff. This morning I helped my girlfriend Kara launch her blog at Earlier this year I launched a co-authored blog with my good friend Charles at […]

Those who have no vision look to the past. Those who look to the past have no future. — James Shupp I am a student of history, but I love the future more. The future is unwritten. It is unbound by the walls that divide us presently. Trying to predict the future is a discouraging […]