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This December, I will have picked a song of the month for 9 years straight. It’s a small, personal tradition that I started in 2006. Each month I pick a song that I think is the catchiest. Usually, it’s a new song that I immediately play on repeat. I feel quite accomplished maintaining a list […]

Recently, I tallied my annual creative expenditures; from web-hosting to cloud, stock and software subscriptions. I was appalled when I realized my spending would reach $1,100/yearly, unless I curtailed subscriptions. These subscriptions did not include luxuries like XBOX Live or Amazon Prime, but instead creative/computer-related necessities like Adobe Creative Cloud, VideoBlocks, AudioBlocks, Pogoplug, Office 365, iPage Web-Hosting, […]

I never thought I would say this, but I just made the switch from a self-hosted WordPress to Blogger. Why? Because it’s free. I am very satisfied with WordPress, I have nothing against it – I just want to break free from paying hosting providers, such as iPage, for spotty service. Last month, iPage really […]

Press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the commands below: sudo apt-get install dmg2img Once installed, change the directory to where the .dmg file is located and run the following command: dmg2img <file_name>.dmg This will convert the .dmg to an .img file. Run the following command […]

Downloading a YouTube video in Ubuntu is easier via command line than installing an application or using a website like Just follow these simple steps. Open Terminal Run the following command to install YouTube Downloader: sudo apt-get install youtube-dl Run the following command in Terminal for each video you wish to download: youtube-dl paste […]

Geekbench 3 is Primate Labs’ cross-platform processor benchmark, with a new scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performance, and new workloads that simulate real-world scenarios. Geekbench 3 makes it easier than ever to find out if your computer is up to speed. To install Geekbench 3 on Linux Mint 17 follow the instructions below: […]