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Samsung still makes flip phones — flip phones that run Android. Whoa, that’s different! Sometimes, I miss my old flip phone. You know the phones that didn’t require a case and you could throw up against the wall and they somehow still worked just fine. The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is certainly an interesting phone. […]

Who would have thought so many cats would enjoy (or tolerate) being vacuumed? It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube. I still don’t recommend doing this. I think it borders on pet abuse, but 64k people just couldn’t help watching!

Hawaii experienced a false alarm that sent their state into a panic. I have selected a few videos on the subject to get it all in perspective. The first video is a news report from ABC NEWS. The next video is from TIME Magazine that explores whether or not we should be concerned about North […]

Last year, I started a YouTube series called the Camera Roll Vlog where I take photos and video clips from my camera roll and turn them into a montage. I started the series as a way to stay creatively active and put my massive 100,000 photo library to good use. I’m always taking pictures. I […]