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The year is 2018 and its just after Thanksgiving. I’m in a coffee shop with my beautiful girlfriend, Kara. She’s sitting across from me typing away on her laptop and I’m looking around the busy parlor.  Outside the crowds are just as thick. Christmas lights have grown all over the trees and the spirit of […]

I started a new YouTube series called the “Camera Roll Vlog”. Every day I hope to release a new video that includes video clips and photos from my camera roll. I’ll either set these clips to music or talk about them. The format is freeform. I don’t promise anything. The point is simply to create […]

I’ve made a lot of videos since I first picked up a camcorder in 2001. Some good, many bad, but all great learning experiences that shaped my skill to what it is today. For the majority of this time, I would fall in love with my latest creation and toss my previous work into an abyss—ashamed […]

I’ve owned this domain since 2008. I originally purchased this domain with the intent of expanding Paleolithic Films into a professional video production service. But, considering that I was just 16 at the time; I still had a lot to learn before this could become a reality. This website remained a testing ground, I used it […]