Make America great by being a great American. Be honest, fair, and humble. Return to the values of generations long passed that stood up for integrity. Love your enemies and do good to everyone. Greatness isn’t material possessions, it’s character. Honesty is less profitable than dishonesty, but it is better to forfeit the riches of […]

The year is 2018 and its just after Thanksgiving. I’m in a coffee shop with my beautiful girlfriend, Kara. She’s sitting across from me typing away on her laptop and I’m looking around the busy parlor.  Outside the crowds are just as thick. Christmas lights have grown all over the trees and the spirit of […]

Here are 6 articles I’ve read recently that I thought you might like to read too. At the top of my list is the Third Age of Credit by Nik Milanovic. Prepare to have your mind blown away by a new concept of credit…

I calculated Pi to 49,999 positions with an iPhone. I was hoping to calculate 50,000 digits of Pi, but my iPhone couldn’t go any further. Because WordPress crashes every time I try to copy and paste 150 pages worth of Pi, I’ll just embed a Word Document with my results below.

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In my experience, education and economics are not related. I’m glad I have education, I’ll hopefully put it towards making the world a better place, but there’s another trait the street hustler has over me. I now see there are two worlds. The educated (aspirational types) “we could do this…

Eight years ago I designed the above artwork titled “Lighten Up (A New Perspective)” with Pixelmator. I had lots of creative energy my Freshmen year in college. I didn’t need a reason to create. I created for the sake of creating. Being creative made me happy. I loved creating and sharing my work on Facebook. […]