Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia
 is a digital media expert who enjoys delving into the technical and logistical details of video production, web development, digital photography, graphic design and social media marketing. He proudly holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, where he remained actively involved with the Convergent Media Collective (a student organization devoted to expressing creativity through new and converging mediums). Having a strong desire to improve the world around him, Aaron is a brilliant optimist who is always looking to make a positive impact on his community. In his free time, Aaron enjoys attending coding seminars, small business workshops, and developer conferences.

Personal Life

I wrote this section because Kara pointed out what I do isn’t who I am. While I’d like to tell you I’m a tech savvy, academically-minded, idealist—there’s more to me that even I don’t know. I’ll start with what I know.

Deserted Texas

In December 2013, a fellow Communication Arts student at the University of the Incarnate Word was tragically killed in an officer-involved shooting. Many of us attended his funeral. In light of this tragedy, Cameron’s unique mantra about never pushing off adventure for tomorrow suddenly inspired a few friends and I to embark on one of our own. We decided that it was time to visit several Texas ghost towns and photograph them. We called this project Deserted Texas. There’s more to this story, but this summary is a good start.

Song of the Month


Only a few close friends and you know about this list. I first discovered my love for music when I was 13. Which not surprisingly is the age most people discover their own musical tastes—it’s been proven! Once I had established a healthy flow of fresh music every month, I found that I played some tracks on repeat. In December of 2006, I began keep a list of these songs and I never stopped. Each month I wrote down that one new song that I found myself repeating. I’ve successfully kept this list for over 10 years now.

Vivid Dreams

27903232956_58ebb4afe6_o (Priime Fir)

Vivid dreams are ones that you can remember in great detail. Not everyone has vivid dreams, but I discovered a long time ago that I do. I’ve even written many of them down. Over 250 in fact. One day I’ll publish them. But until then, here’s one.

Pictured to the left is “The Shadow Man,” one of the most memorable character’s from a nightmare I had nearly a decade ago.

Kara & I

Kara doesn’t repeat me, she completes me. She’s everything I’m not and brings that sunshine to my cloudy days. Words of a man in love. I won’t overdo the mushy stuff, just know I love my Kara!

IMG_4200 (Priime Crisp)