I have been using GSuite, Google’s Business version of Gmail, since 2012. I wanted to have my own domain as part of my email address. During this time I’ve functioned just fine, unaware that I was missing features from the regular Gmail version. Recently, I discovered that Google Photos and Google Drive wouldn’t sync contents because I was using the Business version and that’s what tipped me off to the realization I was missing features.

Many users on the web use GSuite for personal use. Apparently, I’m in good company. We wanted an email address with our own domains, but wanted the power of Gmail. We might have thought we were getting more capabality by doing this. As an admin I regular generate alias email accounts when I want to sign up for the same service multiple times (for example creating Twitter accounts for organizations that don’t have a dedicated email service).

The majority, from what I read in the thread below, say that if they would switch to regular Gmail now, if they could. But, like me, they’re so invested in GSuite that they don’t want to spend 100+ hours doing so. Once in, it’s hard to get out.

I really think Google should consider our special use cases and allow us geeky people to get the same benefits of regular Gmail with the added power of being an a domain admin.

Would you Recommend a G-Suite Account for Personal Use?

I’m thinking about switching my personal email/account over to a G-Suite account (@mydomain.com) rather than a regular @gmail.com.

Has anyone else done this? Would you recommend it?


Personally I would not recommend it. The Personal accounts are used differently than the G-Suite accounts. As mentioned by others you will lack a number of features for a while.

So I’d you’re looking for an easy way to manage your email (domain) and are not deeply invested in the Google eco system G-Suite is an option. Are you making use of features like Google Allo, Google Now, Google Play Music go for the individual accounts and if located in the U.S set up a Family Plan. Google is rolling out more and more family control features.


This. I have been using G Suite Business for my work and G Suite Basic for my personal. I’m also a G Suite Partner and Reseller so I’ve used just about all of the functionality you can possibly use in addition to being best friends with the Admin console.


  1. The I like being able to brand my personal email address with my personal site abass.co

  2. I use aliases like “newsletter@” when I sign up for newsletters and then it’s super easy to filter things down. I can also create Google Groups to have certain aliases send out to multiple email addresses really easily if I want to. It’s nice giving out an alias instead of a secondary Gmail account and still having more control over it. You can kinda remedy this with Gmail by signing up as say thisismyname+newsletter@gmail.com – that works too and you’ll get a similar effect because Gmail ignores the + and yet it comes in to a specific email address on your end. It’s an alias in a way.

  3. Nice not having to deal with the adverts side of things and having more control over my data (not a huge deal though)

  4. Get 30GB if drive storage instead of 15GB (but you are paying $5/user/mo for all these things)


  1. The message above. I’m huge on new features and beta testing. You’re SOL with G Apps accounts though. I only just got the Gmail integration where Google Now tells me when a credit card bill is due based on looking at my emails.

  2. Google doesn’t skim my purchase history and recommend tracking numbers based on recent purchases when searching Google.

  3. Allo doesn’t have 100% functionality, it can’t go deep inside my account.

  4. Google Play Family, can’t do that with G Suite.

  5. Can’t get Google Fi on a G Suite account, must use Gmail.

  6. There’s a bunch of other things like this which there’s no promise of ever getting or it is delayed 2-3 years. This. This is frustrating. #1 thing that has made me consider making the jump back. But I can’t and won’t because I already have all of my Google Photos uploaded, tons of data and things set up which you can’t easily transfer over. Even with Takeout, there’s enough huge things missed making it a very manual process (I know because I did it with my Gmail account to my G Suite account) it’s not worth the 100+ hours it’d take me to get back up to speed with my Gmail account.

  7. All Google play purchases are tied to your email address. What if you stop paying or delete that user account/etc? Not sure what happens to all your purchases.. do they come back if you remake your name@example.com? Idk. Scary though. I’m not testing it out. Do you currently have Google play purchases tied to your personal? You can’t transfer them over, you’ll have to have your Gmail account tied to your phone still and have to switch over to that account in Google Play to download those paid apps.


  • I really wouldn’t recommend it. G Suite to Gmail gap is getting smaller (features not in G Suite) but Google has been clear that it’s always going to be behind Gmail or not treated 100% the same because G Suite is meant for business. Gmail is meant for personal. I wish I used my Gmail account instead overall. I hate being behind feature-wise. Not getting Allo 100% functionality, Google Home 100% functionality, Google Assistant/Now 100% functionality. It’s small things but kinda bugs me. I’m not the total normal person though, as mentioned before, I love beta testing and getting new features ASAP.

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