Love vs. Logic

This subject means a lot to me personally. I’ll try to communicate it as clearly as I can.

Always Deep

In my experience, education and economics are not related. I’m glad I have education, I’ll hopefully put it towards making the world a better place, but there’s another trait the street hustler has over me.

I now see there are two worlds. The educated (aspirational types) “we could do this and it would be awesome” and the businessmen (realist types) “if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.” Both have valid points. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Our country is slowly coming to the realization that there are two worlds and we need to work together. Our political feuds stem from not recognizing our necessary symbiotic relationship.

I’m thankful I had the experience I did (attending college, getting in debt, working to pay it off, getting laid off, a year of unemployment, depression, and recovery). I would likely not spend on education what I did knowing what…

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