The Power of Blogging

I was inspired to get into blogging after watching Julie & Julia in 2009. I was fascinated by the concept of writing simple posts that attained a large number of anonymous readers. Maybe I could write something that would get me that kind of a following?

At the time writing was hard for me. I didn’t know what to write about and I had trouble letting my true self come out in my posts. I was always holding something back.

You see, I wanted to write polished articles like the New York Times (NYT), but I found that level to be difficult to emulate. There is a certain educational tone to the NYT that my ramblings don’t have.

I was only 18 in 2009. Still young and had a lot to learn. Not saying that at 26 I have all that much more to say, but I have learned some things.

I needed to write about something I knew about. When you’re young, you’ve got a small volume of knowledge to pull from. That’s why writing research papers make the most sense, but they’re time consuming.

No, I want to write about something that I am the primary source of. I don’t want to just repeat what everyone else has already written.

Opinions… they’re common. I suppose some of mine are worth writing. They might make for an interesting read, but I would like what I write to have true value.

Ideas… I’ve always wanted to be an inventor. Ever since I read about the life of Thomas Edison and dressed up in a suit and bow tie to present an account of his life in 4th grade—I’ve wanted to be him.

Not just be like him, I wanted to be him. Have the same prestige and wear a quirky suit. Glad that phase ended!

I still want to invent something though. I smile when I think about inventing something. Ever since that 4th grade report, I have come up with a lot of random ideas.

I’d tell people my ideas. The most radical ones I’d try to convince others on. I’d talk on and on about why my solution would work. I never got much farther than that.

So opinions and ideas… they’re common. It’s the doers who are remembered.

Stories… there are writers who are remembered for writing original content. I could write a story! But again, I suppose the best stories are written by people who have experiences to pull from.

Being young I’ve experienced quite a lot, but what I’ve experienced is pretty common. Maybe that’s a good thing. The stories I could write would be relatable. And not every experience is the same. I’m a unique person. Stories may be a great option for me.

The future… as much as I love reflecting on past experiences, I like the future more. Predicting the future needs no citations. I can just dream up whatever. Likely it’s false. But at least it’s a fun read.

I could publish my thoughts? Not quite the same as opinions. There will certainly be some opinions in there. I’m thinking more along the lines of writing my train of thought.

Sharing what’s going on my head must certainly be both original and interesting—hopefully!

I believe my title was about the power of blogging. So I assume that you are here seeking proof or some story about how a blog post changed the world? Still working on that.

Blogging doesn’t have to prove anything. This isn’t an article in NYT. It’s just me arranging words on the web. The power of blogging is connecting you and me. Writing out my thoughts helps me discover new ones. Perhaps they inspire some of your own?

That’s the power of blogging. Thinking, sharing, connecting, and causing others to think too.

I did it! I made my title make sense.

About Aaron Garcia

UIW alumnus with experience in video production, photography, graphic design, web administration and online marketing.