My Blog Scored an A on SEO

The main reason I maintain this blog is — it’s how I learn! I perfect my writing skills, showcase my videos and photography, I learn how to improve the SEO of my website, I tinker with DNS records, SSL certificates, web hosting, Google Gsuite, and more.

After testing my SEO on they gave me this golden badge.


Now I’m not going to kid myself, I know I have a lot more to learn about Search Engine Optimization. Some sites tell you-you’re doing great! Others provide a lengthy list of improvements and advertise their services to help you fix them. I know there is room for improvement with my blog, but I also know that realistically I will never rank as high as Facebook.

Blogs don’t rank too high in search results. Especially when they’re not dedicated to a particular topic.

Maybe a post of mine will become a micro hit, like my post on Why Innovation is Dying in San Antonio. I was very impressed with that. But, I understand how longtail keyphrases work and I got lucky! There was another post from the Rivard Report that coincidentally came out the same day I published mine.

Those are fun! Accidentally writing on a trending topic and getting hits are why bloggers do it. Sure, I could have looked up the trending keywords and done this intentionally, but most bloggers, blog because they feel something in their heart that they want to write about. That could be on anything from how their day went to a review of a movie they just saw.

For example, I rant about current events and political views at Always Deep. It’s a co-authored blog with a friend who shares similar views as I do. We have long discussions about the edge of the universe… if North Korea will actually press the button, and the latest dumb comment Donald Trump made that’s making headline news.

We can literally talk about these things for hours! It’s fun; what can I say?

Blogs are an open-ended conversation with the world. I don’t know everyone who will read this post, or how far they’ll read, or why they bother reading at all, but I’m putting this out there for those who do.

All I can do is make sure my H1 tags are correct, my descriptions are between a specified character count, and my site loads quickly.

I used to have 25 plugins on my site and it took about 45 seconds to load! I’ve come a long way! I compress my images with JPEGmini that’s helped a lot too.


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