Overcoming Political Bias

I just wrote a new post on alwaysdeep.net about overcoming political bias. This is the result of profound reflection over an extended period of time. If you find what I have written worthy, please share and comment.

Always Deep

Political debates are a contest of pride by close-minded and ignorant people.

It took a long time for me to arrive at that conclusion. I did not want to admit that I too could harbor bias.

I have engaged in many political debates on Facebook. I have read many as well. There appears to be a reoccurring theme in most political feuds.

One implies that the members of another group are ignorant. Then assumes his or herself to be more educated and right. This sentiment is mirrored by the opposition.

With neither group willing to entertain the possibility of being wrong, their ears remain closed failing to consider what the other has said. Each attempt to score points on the other. As if to say: Ah! I have you there, ignorant fool.

The debate regresses into a state of name-calling. False assumptions are made, tempers are kindled and friendships destroyed.

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