LinkedIn : Making it Work

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John has some great recommendations to improve LinkedIn. I have one of my own that can be found in the comment section of John’s post. Hopefully, this is seen by those who can make decisions to improve LinkedIn for the world. I believe LinkedIn is very important to the world and has great potential to make a massive impact on reducing people’s time spent unemployed. LinkedIn really could be the omniscient and instantaneous future; the accelerator for our economy that gets people back to work sooner.


The Challenge :  Public & Private

The public area POSTS are the same as the private Group DISCUSSIONS. Except that they employ much nicer publishing tools. Aaaaaand…. The POSTS are available to anyone on Linked In, whereas the GROUP DISCUSSIONS are generally available only to GROUP members.

I’m a UX Guy, so I often want to share my thoughts with my colleagues in the UX Practice.

Public: POST

Private: Group DISCUSSION

Editorial Tools : Post vs Discussion

POST = DISCUSSION These editorial tools for Public POSTS should also be available for Private (GROUP) DISCUSSIONS. Because they’re the same.

In fact; there are a whole slew of common-sense tools that should exist in order to make the sharing and collaboration process among professionals gracious and efficient. After all, that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

I recently posted this as a question on the LinkedIn Help Forum:


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