Too Much Political Correctness is Bad

A friend and I started a co-authored blog called Always Deep. We share our thoughts on current events, politics, religion, and science. The objective of our co-authored blog is to stimulate conversation and profound thinking. Here’s one of the posts I shared recently.

Always Deep

Can say I wasn’t a big fan of Hillary? Sure, I voted for her, but I was Bernie all the way!

What? You say I’m a Bernie Bro? What happened to freedom? Why can’t I choose to support another candidate?

When I can’t have a conversation with members of my own political party without getting shot down over political correctness — I think we have a problem. I shouldn’t be afraid to have a different opinion. Neither should you.

Political correctness is cancer. I’m not saying I’m in favor of being offensive — that’s Donald Trump’s brand. I’m just saying we should respect everyone’s right to free thought. No one should be under a thought-dictatorship. We think differently.

Free thinking isn’t suppression. Racism is evil because it exercises the freedom to suppress others. I can say that. We have freedom but to a point. So long as it respects others.

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