Photoblog of the Texas State Capitol

I’ve been to the Texas State Capitol a few times in my life. The first time was the most exciting. I was 10 and had a limited concept of government. The Texas State Capitol was merely a new place for me to visit. It was big, it was grand, and I found it very hard not to photograph everything. Until my battery died.

In 2002, my first digital camera’s resolution was less than 0.3 megapixels, if that. The resolution didn’t matter (I didn’t know what that was at the time anyway), all I cared about was capturing as much as I could. I wanted to remember this day.

Life is exciting when everything is new. I had lots of new experiences in my first decade of life. I’m glad I had captured this one with the technology that was available at the time. I would not return to the Capitol for almost 8 years.

In 2009, I took a trip to Austin with a university group called TRiO. The day we arrived there was a music festival going on and this was as close as we got to the Capitol. This time I was equipped with a newer digital camera that could produce 10 Megapixel images.


I had remembered the Capitol building being a beige-like color, so I was surprised to see it glow white in my photograph. I had assumed that it had been painted white since I had last visited. This was only my second time seeing it so I could be forgiven for not knowing any better.

After showing this photo to a friend and asking him if they had painted the Capitol white or if it was always white, he promised to take me there during daylight hours to prove it was actually beige colored like I remembered.

Sure enough, it was! I suppose I could have Googled it, but in 2009 that wasn’t something I did instinctually like I do today.


Now that I had a better camera, I wanted to retake photos of everything! That was the kind of young man I was. My camera never left my eyeball!

Now you can see why I have 100,000 photos in my photo library.

I took 287 photos that day alone. There was just so much to see! In an ideal world, I would have photographed every painting and every room in every angle. Maybe someday that will be possible with Bubbli.

For as much as I photographed the Texas State Capitol the last time I had visited, a trip in 2013 revealed that I had never seen the back of the building.


These photos were taken with my second Android smartphone. They just blew away my other camera, even at just 8 Megapixels. The wide perspective looks spectacular!


And this brings me to 2018. For as much as I walked the rotunda — little did I realize there’s a whole underground level that seems to go on forever!

For me, the State Capitol is an experience that never gets old. Even though I’ve been a few times, I will always take new photos.


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