Are Our Best and Brightest Good Enough?

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Charles just published a spectacular piece called “Even Smart People Believe Dumb Things.” I found it to be smashingly brilliant!

This is the very reason we started this blog in the first place. We bounce so many ideas off of each other being a catalyst for even more profound thought.

Smart people, believe dumb things because they are skilled at defending these beliefs they arrived at for non-logical reasons.

Yes! An argument can sound very reasonable, but be false.

Like how the wealthy have convinced the poor that this current social order is the way it should be. One day, I imagine future generations will compare our current income inequality to the horrors of slavery. I am sure that people in the future will look upon the present unfairness with disgust. Well-spoken individuals once defended slavery; we now recognize slavery to be undefendable. I expect the same…

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