I Have a New Post Set for Every Day this Month


I have a new post set for every weekday during the whole month of January 2018. I have just a few weekends to go and I can fill those up too!

For me, having a new post scheduled every day is a major accomplishment! I used to blog once or twice a year. Now I’m writing more regularly and I have more to say.

I remember just a couple years ago, writing more was like pulling teeth for me. I’d fill in a title, write a few sentences and realize I had nothing more to say. My words sounded forced. I would write about topics that I knew little about.

Pushing through got me to this moment.

I’m a writer now. Still improving, still have a way to go, but I’m making significant progress! That’s what this blog is all about — growing. Getting better and helping others along the journey too.

I hope I never stop.

I installed Grammarly, the free version, to help me improve my grammar. Sometimes I put commas where they don’t go. I misspell words too! But, Grammarly makes it easy to clean up those rookie mistakes.

If I purchased the Pro version, I could even fix those advanced errors it keeps telling me about. I’m at 3 advanced errors now. I don’t see them. Hopefully, you don’t either. Make that 5 errors!

I try really hard to make it halfway through my post without any errors at all. When I dive into what I want to say though, they rack up fast!

I’ll get better. That’s why I’m doing this.

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