Ray’s Drive Inn is the Home of the Original Puffy Taco and has been serving San Antonio residents delicious food since 1956. Those who live nearby love Ray’s. But for those who have never been, you’re missing out!

If a photo can say a thousand words, the thousands of photos taken by customers say millions! And I 100% agree with them. The food is spot on excellent!

meanwhile in San Antonio – home of the #puffytaco

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While the trademarked Puffy Tacos are their specialty, Ray’s Drive Inn offers a full menu that includes seafood, burgers and every conceivable kind of taco you can imagine!

Check out Ray’s Drive Inn, you’ll likely become a regular!

Puffy taco power.

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Taco Tuesday with Steve and Marty McHugh

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Ray’s Drive Inn hosts car shows occasionally because good food and classic cars are awesome!

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