Why You Should Publish Your Ideas

There was a time when I believed that I should keep ideas to myself. I didn’t want them to get stolen. I wanted to be the one that brought them to fruition.

Now I have a different opinion. What better way to see your idea come to fruition and get recognized for at least coming up with it — then to publish it?

Release your ideas into the wild. Let them run free. That is the only way to ensure they don’t die with you. It is the only way to ensure they are not silenced.

Think of Snowden, yeah that guy who published a bunch of highly classified documents about the NSA spying on the average citizen. Love him or hate him, he did a good job of making sure his knowledge didn’t die with him. Had he kept it to himself, we would have never have known about it. Had he published it in one place, it could be snuffed out very quickly.

My point is, if you have an idea, spread it. Once it’s out there it will never die. It’s also more likely that those with the means, can and will make it happen. It may or may not be you. That’s okay. The point is it happened. And everyone knows you suggested it.

I have many ideas. I tell a few friends and that’s about as far as it goes. This year, I’m going to change that. I’m going to start publishing my ideas in as much detail as possible. Stay tuned for those!

If you have an idea and don’t have time to start your own blog. Feel free to publish it in the comment section below. That way everyone knows that one was yours.