The Best Guitar Riffs Ever

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To be honest, I love music not for its meaning, though I’m getting there, but for its guitar riffs. So, I decided to look up the best 25 badass guitar riffs of all the. This is what I found.

I liked this video because it was one guitar player playing all the riffs with the same sound. They flowed nicely into each other. I was surprised by the riffs that were already in my head even though I have never heard the original song.

So, after you hear these 25 guitar riffs — here are the original songs.

I was really surprised that there were songs I hadn’t heard yet from the 2000s. Psyco by Muse is epic though very profane and dark.

Boogie Chillen (1948)


Rumble (1958)


Boom Boom (1962)


Sunshine of Your Love (1967)


Crossroads (1968)


Born to Be Wild (1968)


Voodoo Child (1968)


Heartbreaker (1969)


Oh Well (1969)


La Grange (1973)


Rebel Rebel (1974)


Walk This Way (1975)


Barracuda (1977)


Back in Black (1980)


Bad to the Bone (1982)


2 Minutes to Midnight (1984)


Money for Nothing (1985)


Killing in the Name (1992)


Are You Gonna Go My Way (1993)


Mercyful Fate (1998)


Ball and Biscuit (2003)


I Don’t Need No Doctor (2006)


I Got Mine (2008)


Psycho (2015)


No Good (2016)


Smoke On The Water (1972)