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I see a lot of great photos on my Instagram feed. I decided to shout out a few of them. The first two are from Toby Gelston, I discovered him while looking up photography tutorials on YouTube. The last three are from fellow UIW alumni: Yesenia Caloca, Charlie Young, and William Timmerman. Got to represent fellow Cardinals!

I hope to make this a new weekly tradition. If I see your awesome photos on my Instagram feed, I’ll publish your work here and encourage others to follow you.

This Week’s Picks

I had to pick two Toby photos because he is a master photographer! My first pick is of Bridal Veil Falls. I really liked the earthy colors, green and brown. Really caught my attention.

And of course, who wouldn’t stop and like this photo! The night sky in all its radiance. One day I hope to capture great photos like Toby.

Follow Toby:

This next photo is from UIW alumna Yesenia.

Her entire portfolio is spectacular! After liking several of her photos in my feed, noticing they were all by the same person, I decided to see what her profile looked like. Wow!

Definitely, check that out.

Which reminds me of two other highly skilled photographers who also went to UIW with me.

Charlie’s profile is also phenomenal! His minimalist style is something I will aspire to emulate in the future.

Be sure to follow Charlie, his work will blow you away!

This next photo is by William. I picked this photo, just because I love the color green!

He has absolutely mastered modeling photography, you’ll see a mix of models and landscapes throughout his profile.

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