The San Pedro Font

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A lot of my work never sees the light of day, until now. I’ve decided that terabytes of files must be published so that the world can know what I’ve worked on.

The San Pedro Font was designed for the Alamo City Golf Trail during my tenure as their Online Marketing Manager. The font was developed after spending a week testing 11 different concepts and pursuing this one through 53 variations.

This is the first font I have made from scratch. I made all of the letters from one shape. My love of Futura and western 1950s flare might come out in my work.

Aaron San Pedro Font (Screenshot)

The lines show my spacing and alignment logic. They are the rules that govern the consistency of every letter.

San Pedro Concept Logo 42 (White _ Black)

The font is 100% original and hopefully equally as unique. It can stand alone in any color with any background combination. It looks really good in Chrome with a black background.

Because I felt the logo needed to feel more like a logo and less like a font, I removed the flare in this variation and modeled the design after the existing Alamo City Golf Trail branding.

San Pedro Concept Logo 53

Since this was my first time designing a font from scratch, I decided to brush up on font history. I read scores of articles. Learned the deeper meaning of why font creators chose certain styles.

The History of Typography

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