Making Blogging Fun Again

In the summer of 2011, I discovered WordPress. Ever since I have been hooked. I guess you could say I got the WordPress bug.

Everyone has different hobbies, mine are on the computer. I spent so much time on the computer, editing videos, touching up photos and launching websites that I decided to make it my career. Although, I’m not sure exactly what my career is called.

Job hunting has been difficult for me. Digital media points me to social media positions. Social media quickly turns into sales. Sales quickly turn into cold calling. See how quickly I get off course? It’s like a funnel, a sales funnel.

In the course of my job search, I have turned my blog into a portfolio website. That means that my blogs have to be there very best. Because now they are writing samples. And with that kind of scrutiny blogging is no longer fun.

Months would go by, even half a year, before I would write a new blog post. Pursuing perfection drained all the life out of blogging. I want to bring it back.

There’s a difference between texting and writing the State of the Union. I recognize this. Just as there is a difference between making a blockbuster film that costs several million dollars and a home video. I think YouTube tries to bridge the gap between the two.

Hollywood is a mature enterprise. Decades were spent perfecting the art of moving pictures. For a film student to compare themselves to that it’s unfair. To compare my blog posts to the New York Times it’s also unfair. There was a time when we all learned our ABC’s when Einstein learned how to count.

Blogging has to remain fun and easy for me so I can keep moving forward. Just like Instagram. I believe my photography has shown gradual improvement on Instagram over the course of 827 posts and six years. I don’t know why I didn’t treat my website the same.

Wait that’s not true, I do know why. I did it to impress others who I thought would be intolerant of my earlier works. I only wanted to share the best because even my best may not be good enough. That’s no fun!

So I made multiple websites. They all eventually had to be perfect, but I tried to keep at least one blog just for fun. This is that blog.

Each time I publish a post, writing gets easier. I also believe that each time I run my post through Grammarly my grammar gets better.

I encourage all of my close friends to have their own blog. I tell them if they hate writing, blog more and you’ll eventually love it. I’m really starting to love writing. And because it’s in the public eye, I want it to be perfect. I just have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect so I won’t stop having fun.

When it becomes a chore that’s when you stop. And if you stop you’ll never get better.

Expecting perfection from yourself is the natural progression of pursuing a fine art, but curbing this desire is the secret to continuing your progress.