Twitter Verification: The Social Caste System

Sometimes you can’t help craving the blue badge of honor; the official sign of being verified on Twitter. That little blue badge is online gold. It is the equivalent to knighthood; the difference between Sir Robin and Robin the peasant.

If you don’t have a blue badge by your name, what Twitter is really saying is, you’re no one. This is a social caste system. By definition, you do not have the power to change your status. You cannot ask to be verified. Peasants cannot ask to be made nobles.

That’s fine with me – not really. Personally, I feel that it’s time to start a social media revolution. This is the era of equality, therefore inequality must be snuffed out wherever it exists; even online!

It’s just a silly badge, but it symbolizes the elitism that has always existed. There has always been those who thumb their noses at the rest of society. The 1%. This must come to an end. “We are all created equal.”

Enacting change begins with changing the culture. Speaking out against inequality wherever it exists. The Twitter verification badge is a symbol of elitism. It’s subtle, but it reinforces the idea that some people are better than others. Don’t allow this message to continue to permeate our culture.

I call upon the decision makers at Twitter to open the verification process to the public; use it as a tool to reward best practices instead of allowing it to symbolically raise a select few above the rest.

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