Posting to Facebook & Twitter? You’re Talking to the Wall

Over the past few months, I’ve come to the realization that we are literally talking to ourselves on Facebook and Twitter. The days when all of your posts were seen by everyone in a live feed – are over. Now there are nifty algorithms that quietly pigeonhole your posts when you blurt out too much in one day.

Have you taken a look at your Twitter followers lately? They’re mostly bots! And you thought your tweets were that awesome. Maybe they are, but no one is listening. You are being drowned out by the big players: the news outlets, the marketing firms, the big brands with deep pockets, even your classmates who’ve become news reporters. Unless you’re part of a big entity, paying for promoted tweets, or were famous prior to joining Twitter – no one is listening. No reflection on you, just know Facebook and Twitter are biased.

Those blue checkmarks are a symbol of the social media aristocracy that has formed. If Facebook and Twitter were royals – the accounts with blue checkmarks are lords and nobles. I thought 2015 was the year of equality? Well online, we’re in the dark ages.

How can you make your voice heard if you are being silenced by the online iron curtain? Direct your posts and tweets @someone. Unless your post is filled with @someones – few will see them. Even this may not be a guarantee for long.

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