Reducing Costs in the Right Places

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Recently, I tallied my annual creative expenditures; from web-hosting to cloud, stock and software subscriptions. I was appalled when I realized my spending would reach $1,100/yearly, unless I curtailed subscriptions. These subscriptions did not include luxuries like XBOX Live or Amazon Prime, but instead creative/computer-related necessities like Adobe Creative Cloud, VideoBlocks, AudioBlocks, PogoplugOffice 365, iPage Web-Hosting, iCloud, Vimeo Pro and Buffer.

Subscriptions are a plague, they attach themselves to your credit card and like a leech, drain your account long after you have forgotten about it.

My resolve was to cut as many of these account-draining pests that charged more than their true value.

I cut Buffer, right off. I realized that IFTTT (free) works just fine and could be set to repeat posts, reducing my need to fiddle with it. I cut Office 365, because, quite frankly, Google Drive does the exact same thing for free! I am moving off self-hosted WordPress sites in favor of Blogger and other free web building platforms, because their uptime is not only superior, but also I do not have to worry about updates or viruses. Blogger is free and with a few JavaScript embeds I can get close to the same functionality I had when I was hosting WordPress on iPage. That’s $10 for a domain and free hosting vs $200+ with iPage.

I have thought about cutting Adobe Creative Cloud, but Adobe has really stepped up their game and their software at the moment is well worth the $32/monthly that I pay for it. Granted, I would prefer to see this cost reduced to $19/monthly or dare I ask for $9/monthly? Vimeo Pro I am on the fence with. I like the Portfolio’s, but their designs are too limited to replace other web-building options. I like that I can download my videos and that it is not as tacky as YouTube, but $200/yearly is steep. And then there’s Pogoplug. After my whole home folder vanished without a trace, I reconsidered my subscription. Uploading to Pogoplug is slow, but the price is really good for unlimited. I’m on the fence, but I am leaning towards keeping it. My data was restored mysteriously and 3 days later I received an email that tech support was aware of the issue and fixed it.

I have concluded that you can cut a lot of creative expenses with enough know how and still create great content.