Community Minecraft City on XBOX Live


Minecraft is one of those games that you hear about once in the hallway and then find yourself addicted to during finals. My obsession with Minecraft has led me to buy the game for my computer, iOS and XBOX 360. I even persuaded my friends to give the game a try.

A couple of friends thought the game was boring, but it didn’t take long before they found themselves addicted as well.

One year after being introduced to Minecraft – my six friends and I have built an elaborate city. Our city is complete with thirteen skyscrapers, a church, art museum, shopping center, hospital, capital, tiki bar, gas station, five homes, 7 railways, an underwater observatory, a bird’s-eye view observatory and an underground bunker that connects to at least five buildings. In all, there are 35 above-ground structures.

We generally spend our night’s building together. It’s fun! While we build, we talk. Who knew that you could have such deep conversations while playing a video game. I’d say I’ve sketched out a whole business plan while playing Minecraft at least a half-dozen times; committing these thoughts to paper – is another story.

Our city is open to developers, there’s plenty of lands available. Just add SnazzyFlea as your friend on XBOX Live and I’ll give you a virtual tour.

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