How to Delete All of Your Old Tweets on Twitter

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Have you ever wanted to delete all of your old tweets on Twitter? I know I have. My reason might be a little different from yours, but I just thought it would look neater if I had a fresh start.

It turns out that I am not a huge fan of the generic, auto-tweets that services like YouTube and Instagram generate. No one reads them, and they look extremely tacky on my Twitter profile. I want to delete all of them for a fresh start.

The only problem is that I have 2,000+ tweets to delete and Twitter doesn’t offer a “delete all” button. That means I have to go and delete them one by one – and I’ve actually tried that. But, for some reason, deleted tweets keep magically reappearing on my profile and my browser freezes up when I try to delete more than 20 tweets at a time.

So, the obvious solution is to delete your entire Twitter account and start over, right? Wrong. I tried that as well. It can take up to 30 days before your email address is available to create a new account. The only way around that is if you change your email address before deactivating. But then, you are still faced with the task of re-following your friends and asking all of your friends to refollow you.

Today I discovered a cool app call TwitWipe. TwitWipe deletes all of your old posts in just a few clicks.

Simply visit and sign in with your Twitter account, then click Delete. Be forewarned that there is no undo button – once you click delete, they’re gone forever! But, that’s probably what you wanted to do anyway right? Exactly.