Live Streaming

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I have recently become interested in streaming events live on my website. You may have already noticed the new “live” tab on the menu bar. I have already streamed several events live. These events would include, President Bill Clinton’s speech at South San High School for the Bexar County Vote Rally, the Water & Culture Symposium at the University of the Incarnate Word, Huxley the Cat, and a shot of trees in Brackenridge Park.

From the beginning, when I had initially launched, I wanted to stay true to the “TV” part of the name. Finally, I feel that I am. Live streaming is the closet I can get to transforming this site into an online television station.

The events that I have streamed live so far are experiments. Each time I stream an event live I am learning about the various streaming services available. So far I have experimented with Ustream, LiveStream, and Google+. I intend to learn the pros and cons of each and use them to the best of my ability without spending any money – yet.

So far I have learned that Ustream allows you to stream live events in both high and standard quality free of charge. The compromise is that viewers must watch commercials at regular intervals. LiveStream requires your viewers to login if you are streaming from a free account – highly impractical. And Google+ can stream directly to YouTube, free of charge, but I have yet to try it out. I hope to soon. Stay tuned; I plan to stream lots of cool events at