I made the mistake of not buying aarongarcia.com when I had the chance. I did not even search for my name because I assumed it was taken. I purchased my first domain paleolithicfilms.com in 2008. Had I thought to search for it I could have claimed aarongarcia.com 2 years before someone else. Today, I own […]

Hangout with me long enough and I’ll help you launch your own WordPress blog or website. I’ll talk you into it somehow! I live and breathe this stuff. This morning I helped my girlfriend Kara launch her blog at karajade2020.wordpress.com. Earlier this year I launched a co-authored blog with my good friend Charles at alwaysdeep.wordpress.com. […]

The main reason I maintain this blog is — it’s how I learn! I perfect my writing skills, showcase my videos and photography, I learn how to improve the SEO of my website, I tinker with DNS records, SSL certificates, web hosting, Google Gsuite, and more. After testing my SEO on smallseotools.com they gave me […]

If you’ve ever wondered what to reformat your flash drive or external hard drive, you are not alone. There are several formats to choose from, but there is likely only a couple that will work for your needs. Formats FAT32 FAT32 is the most common format found on flash drives (also known as thumb drives, […]

For years I was a big proponent of self-hosted WordPress.org blogs, but recently I made the switch to WordPress.com. For those who are unfamiliar with the difference, one version of WordPress can be hosted on your own server, there are no limitations and the other is proprietary, managed by Automattic. In the early days of […]

If my iPhone 6s had more storage, the ability to use external microphones and longer battery life, I would probably never need a traditional camcorder. Especially, if I didn’t have a big ego that required a big camcorder. The iPhone’s vivid colors, compact size and ability to upload directly to the web make a traditional camera look prehistoric. […]

In an age of media abundance, attention spans are rapidly decreasing. That means your web video shouldn’t be too long or you’ll lose your audience. The ideal web video length used to be 2 minutes and 50 seconds, but today it should be as short as possible! That means 1 minute or 30 seconds, 15 seconds… whatever it takes […]

On the morning of March 29, 2008, I purchased paleolithicfilms.com and launched my first website with Apple’s iWeb. I followed the instructions to connect my MobileMe hosted website, with Yahoo, my registrar; entering the appropriate information into the A Record field. With no guidance, at age 16, I had a website. I remember frantically pacing […]

The new MacBook Pro has garnered a lot of criticism by the creative community. I’ve seen an influx of posts bashing it for a number of reasons. The incredible volume of negative posts may be due to an unprecedented number of creatives venting their frustration. A part of me is curious to know if these […]

There’s no dispute .com is king. For many people .com is the internet. But tech savvy people know that there’s a lot more Top-Level Domains (TLDs) out there. Besides .com there’s .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz, .us and so on. There are even country TLDs like .ru for Russia and .it for Italy. There are […]

Welcome to the Post-Snowden era. A time when it is common knowledge that a revolving door of strangers are peering into every aspect of our private lives—and it is becoming virtually impossible to stop them. No thought is safe, every conversation has a third ear. The very secrets kept from mom and dad—are unwittingly shared […]

Recently, I tried to switch my primary browser from Chrome to Firefox. I noticed that Chrome was slowing down and thought now was the perfect time to switch. Several years ago, I switched from Safari to Chrome for the same reason. I was a loyal Safari user, but when Safari slowed to a crawl—I knew […]

One way to get a free SSL is to migrate DNS control of your domains to CloudFlare. By default, CloudFlare offers a free “Universal SSL”. Under the “crypto” menu select “Full” for the SSL box. The process takes 24 hours before your certificate works consistently. After 24 hours have passed you can force your website […]

Today, I enabled Secure Socket Layer (SSL, also known as, HTTPS) and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) on this website; my first time working with these technologies. This is a major milestone for me. Self-taught since 2008, my journey has led me to this day. For those who know what these technologies are and already […]

Let’s face it, our readers prefer purchasing a new iPhone every other year than buying a computer. Computers are for nerds. There I said it. In 2015, designing a website for desktops and laptops when our readers will only view it on their iPhone is embarrassing to say the least. So, when are we going […]

I haven’t used antivirus software since 2007 when I switched from Windows to Mac. Like many Mac users, I believed that OS X is impervious to viruses and other security threats. But, I have come to the conclusion that this is a flawed belief. Security threats are not limited to viruses and spyware, there are […]

I never thought I would say this, but I just made the switch from a self-hosted WordPress to Blogger. Why? Because it’s free. I am very satisfied with WordPress, I have nothing against it – I just want to break free from paying hosting providers, such as iPage, for spotty service. Last month, iPage really […]

Press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the commands below: sudo apt-get install dmg2img Once installed, change the directory to where the .dmg file is located and run the following command: dmg2img <file_name>.dmg This will convert the .dmg to an .img file. Run the following command […]

Downloading a YouTube video in Ubuntu is easier via command line than installing an application or using a website like clipconverter.cc. Just follow these simple steps. Open Terminal Run the following command to install YouTube Downloader: sudo apt-get install youtube-dl Run the following command in Terminal for each video you wish to download: youtube-dl paste […]

Geekbench 3 is Primate Labs’ cross-platform processor benchmark, with a new scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performance, and new workloads that simulate real-world scenarios. Geekbench 3 makes it easier than ever to find out if your computer is up to speed. To install Geekbench 3 on Linux Mint 17 follow the instructions below: […]

If you’re a heavy Mac user, chances are you have lots of Mac OS X Journaled external hard drives. Use the following instructions to enable read/write ability on Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Lubuntu. Open Terminal Type the following command: sudo apt-get install hfsprogs Press Enter You should now be able to read and write Mac […]

Do you have an old PowerPC (PPC) G4 or G5 Mac collecting dust in your house? Breathe life back into your old Mac by installing Ubuntu, a popular distro of Linux, for free! Just follow the instructions below: Click here to download Ubuntu 12.04 for PPC   Burn the .iso to a CD Burning instructions […]

Installing exFAT read and write abilities on Linux is easy! This works on Ubuntu 14.04, Lubuntu 14.10 and Linux Mint 17.1. To begin you’ll need to open Terminal and type in the following command: sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils Then press enter. The terminal will then scroll through a lot of text and will ask if you […]

If you’re taking a video production course you may find yourself in need of a soundtrack. As you’ll soon learn, using copyrighted music from your iTunes library isn’t legal, unless you are willing to pay hundreds to obtain permission from the artist. That’s where stock music comes in. Stock music is royalty-free, so that means you won’t […]

We are now living in an age, where you can find just about anything in a Google Search bar. Now, more than ever, it’s important to stake out a place on the web where you or your business can be found. Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for a job, a church congregation […]

Disclosure: I am compensated for my reviews. Click here for details. If you are looking for a web host, iPage is an excellent choice. I have been a loyal iPage customer since April 2011 and now use their services to host five of six domains I own, including this one. Pros Unlimited domains allowed Unlimited disk space and bandwidth […]

I am currently developing an app called Shuttle Tracker for iOS. I have taken on the project as part of an elective course; formally known as MIS 4399 iOS App Development. I first came up with the idea during my sophomore year at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) while a friend and I were […]

I was first inspired to create an iPhone app by Steve Job’s presentation at the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in 2009. At the time I was a junior in high school and had just transitioned to Mac OS X after terrible experiences with Microsoft Vista and Hewlett-Packard’s customer service. I didn’t know much about […]

Have you ever wanted to delete all of your old tweets on Twitter? I know I have. My reason might be a little different from yours, but I just thought it would look neater if I had a fresh start. It turns out that I am not a huge fan of the generic, auto-tweets that […]

After playing Flight Adventure 2, an indie game for XBOX 360, I concluded that its player experience was a tad bit incomplete. Sure, it had stellar graphics, but the limitations were endless. One player, in one plane, on one map, without any missiles – something’s wrong here! So, I fixed it. With an iPhone app! I added a […]

I have recently become interested in streaming events live on my website. You may have already noticed the new “live” tab on the menu bar. I have already streamed several events live. These events would include, President Bill Clinton’s speech at South San High School for the Bexar County Vote Rally, the Water & Culture […]

Make America great by being a great American. Be honest, fair, and humble. Return to the values of generations long passed that stood up for integrity. Love your enemies and do good to everyone. Greatness isn’t material possessions, it’s character. Honesty is less profitable than dishonesty, but it is better to forfeit the riches of […]

The year is 2018 and its just after Thanksgiving. I’m in a coffee shop with my beautiful girlfriend, Kara. She’s sitting across from me typing away on her laptop and I’m looking around the busy parlor.  Outside the crowds are just as thick. Christmas lights have grown all over the trees and the spirit of […]

Here are 6 articles I’ve read recently that I thought you might like to read too. At the top of my list is the Third Age of Credit by Nik Milanovic. Prepare to have your mind blown away by a new concept of credit…

I calculated Pi to 49,999 positions with an iPhone. I was hoping to calculate 50,000 digits of Pi, but my iPhone couldn’t go any further. Because WordPress crashes every time I try to copy and paste 150 pages worth of Pi, I’ll just embed a Word Document with my results below.

Originally posted on Always Deep:
In my experience, education and economics are not related. I’m glad I have education, I’ll hopefully put it towards making the world a better place, but there’s another trait the street hustler has over me. I now see there are two worlds. The educated (aspirational types) “we could do this…

Eight years ago I designed the above artwork titled “Lighten Up (A New Perspective)” with Pixelmator. I had lots of creative energy my Freshmen year in college. I didn’t need a reason to create. I created for the sake of creating. Being creative made me happy. I loved creating and sharing my work on Facebook. […]